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    Hard to Rise and Shine on Time?

    By Marla Stone, MA    

    getting up in the morning

    So, now that you fell asleep, you need to tear yourself away from those cozy covers and pleasant dreams and to start a new day. Awakening and getting out of bed on time can be a real challenge for those with ADHD. It’s time to be creative and add a little “fun” to our morning wake up routine. 

     1.  If you find yourself hitting that snooze button again and again, make it more of a challenge to shut off that alarm.  Place your alarm clock out of reach (perhaps across your room) so you have to actually get up to shut it off.

    2. Perhaps you like to get up gradually.  In that case, set two alarms.  The first alerts you that it’s time to think about starting your day. Set the second alarm clock for 15 or 20 minutes later.  When that one goes off, it’s time to get up.

    3. Rather than awakening to a special song, maybe you need to select a song or station that makes you cringe. You’ll get up quickly to shut your alarm so you don’t have to continue listening!

     Having to solve a math equation or literally chasing a clock in order to turn off an alarm may be appealing to you as well. Check out the links below to find that perfect device to get you up and running in the morning.

     1.  type in “alarm clocks” in search box. Offers a variety of fun alarm clocks

    2.  With this sleep system you program wake-up times into your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You slip it on your wrist and go to sleep. The band wakes you up with gentle vibrations. There is no audible alarm so it won’t wake up someone else in the room.

    3. Screaming Meanie-REALLY LOUD alarm clock available through



    4. Progression Wake Up Clock from   Provides aromatherapy, dimming lights and decreasing nature sounds.  Set in reverse to wake up gently.

    5. Clocky- jumps off your table and runs around your room until you shut it off.


    I welcome your suggestions!