The Basics Coaching

Methods of Coaching

 Marla's coaching is done via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. 

Once you contact Marla, she will spend some time talking about coaching- what it is and what your goals are. Schedules and fees and any other questions you may have will be discussed. When you decide to begin the coaching process, she will send you various forms to gather more specific information that includes your values, strengths, learning style, and how you manage your time (or maybe that’s an area you want to learn to manage!) Marla also will include a contract for you to sign that explains what coaching is and mutual expectations and obligations. 

Marla also offers a Mental Fitness program, group coaching via Zoom, as well as conducts workshops on topics ranging from transitioning to high school or college, increasing productivity in the workplace, and navigating the career search process. 

Coaching Schedule

While the first meeting lasts approximately one hour, thereafter, Marla meets or talks with high school and college clients for 30-45 minutes hour per week. Adult sessions may last 45 minutes to one hour. Marla is available via text and email between sessions and she always encourage clients to email and/or text her updates regularly.