Career Services

Finding a job or choosing a new career path can be daunting.  If you have ADHD, there may be more of a tendency to jump into a job without exploring first whether it’s truly the right fit, if it enables you to utilize your skills and strengths (and yes, you have them!), if it mirrors your values, and if the work environment sets you up for success. 

As a career services specialist, together, we explore the many “pieces” that impact finding a job that is a good fit for you. Each client plan is individualized, yet some of the factors we uncover and address are:

  • Understanding your skills andd interests
  • Understanding your personality type
  • Prioritizing work and leisure values- They play a big role in career enjoyment and fulfillment
  • Understanding your aptitude- Your natural talent and training that help when it comes to learning new skills
  • Recalling your early career dreams- What did you want to be when you grew up?  astronaut
  • Considering your energy, focus, and work habits- For example, do you prefer working alone or with others? 
  • Completing a job history- Any patterns or insights that arise and can prove to be helpful when planning for your next job?
  • Compiling a list of potential jobs that may be a good match for you
  • Information interviews- You get to “test drive” the job by speaking to others who work in your field of interest before you commit
  • How to find a job- Networking tips and suggested job/career sites
  • Resumes/cover letters
  • Interviewing- Role playing, tips, what the interviewer may ask you, and suggested questions you can ask the interviewer
  • You’ve got the job, now what can you do to set yourself up to keep and enjoy it?

Marla looks forward to supporting you to help you find either your first, or your next fulfilling (and hopefully, long-lasting) job!