What is a Coach?

A coach ask questions, listens to, and identiifies a client's needs, strengths, and goals. By creating a partnership of open communication and mutual respect, TOOLS to achieve greater self-awareness, self-trust, and growth are developed. A personalized, strengths-based "toolbox" enables the client to accomplish what they came to coaching for and they feel more confident moving forward. 



A coach helps clients discover methods, skills, and creative strategies to build upon their strengths and help them determine what may be getting in the way of achieving what they hope to. Accommodating their unique needs, lifestyle, and values enables the client to accomplish short- and long-term goals while developing new, productive habits.


In a non-judgmental atmosphere, coaches offer hope and a more positive outlook as their client becomes more motivated, develops self-awareness, heightens self-esteem, and becomes empowered.


Clients' agendas, whether a student's or an adult's, often focus on developing executive function skills. Organizaton and management of time and tasks are commonly addressed in coaching. Creating and maintaining a more structured schedule means not only a more organized week, but a less stressful one too!


Coaches understand the client's distinct needs by asking pertinent questions and listening carefully to their responses and tone, helping them to determine the best path to achieve their goals.


Coaches continually offer support, encouragement, and accountability in a trusting environment as successes are achieved, monitored and maintained.