Please join us for a workshop to:



Highlights of the Workshop include:

~Managing your time and tasksBecoming comfortable with routinely using a planner/calendar (your personal GPS) enhancing motivation and productivity, starting tasks, reducing procrastination and distractions, and planning projects well in advance by learning how to break them down into steps 

~Study strategies: How to memorize, how to know what to focus on, taking different kinds of tests, discovering your learning style to set yourself up for study success

~Reading, writing (including research papers), and note-taking strategies

~Life balance and maintenance: Stress reduction, reducing overwhelm, and self-advocating

Workshops will be conducted by Marla Stone, MA, CMC, PCC, CSS, a Life and Executive Function Coach

                   Date TBD

Cost is $135.00                                                                                  

Call 508-358-1112 ext 210 to register