Welcome to Your Career Success Toolkit!

What's in the CAREER success "toolkit"?

Links, Apps, and Gadgets for:

  • Career and internship search sites
  • Time management
  • Reducing distractions and enhancing focus at work
  • Task management
  • Organization
  • Managing email
  • Sharing information with co-workers
  • Finances
  • Stress reduction
  • and More!

Download the FREE "toolkit" of suggested links and gadgets for career success

A hallmark of career success is learning to manage your time and tasks. The free toolkit will help you save time as well as manage it! Included are links and suggested gadgets to:

  • Sites that offer jobs and internships based on your specific career interests
  • Various planners-both paper and online to help you manage your daily tasks
  • Manage your email and share and store information 
  • Minimize distractions, enhance focus, and decrease stress
  • Keep track of your to do's and goals

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