Life Coaching

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Are you a professor or a Ph D student trying to manage research and writing demands or a creative entrepreneur who is finding it a challenge to accomplish the more mundane tasks? Perhaps you're looking to reduce stress and exercise more.

ADHD Coaching

Is it hard to get motivated to start and then complete your work? Do you find yourself procrastinating, getting distracted, and overwhelmed while having difficulty planning and managing your time and tasks? 









Career Coaching

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Are you uncertain as to what you really want to do? Stuck in a career? Do you have a pattern of jumping into jobs only to realize they're not a good fit?




Mental Fitness

As  a PQ Coach and member of the Positive Intelligence program, I offer a  Mental Fitness program where you can learn how to build your “mental” muscles and lead a healthier, less stressful, more productive, and happier life.

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Why Work with Marla?


If you're looking for a certified coach who is ready to listen to your story, uncover your strengths and support you as you work toward achieving and sustaining such goals as:

  • managing your time
  • creating a schedule and following it
  • developing strategies to study, take notes, plan your week, or
  • even eating more vegetables if that's important to you.......

If you want to become empowered, develop trust in yourself and your capabilites, and become aware of what may be getting in the way of achieving your goals:

  • perfectionism
  • an inner critic yelling in your ear
  • difficulty delegating
  • difficulty saying "no" perhaps......

If you're willing to be receptive to trying new strategies knowing that Marla is non-judgmental, and is there to support you and keep you motivated and accountable during the process......


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Our Services

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Life Coaching

As a life coach, Marla identifies a client's needs and challenges, asks powerful questions and offers personalized strengths based strategies and support as a client's goals are achieved, and self-awareness and self-trust are enhanced. 

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Career Coaching

Career coaching is more than just finding a job. It's a muliti-step process whereby a client's value's, strengths, skills, and aptitude are uncovered in order to help ensure a career interest is truly the right fit for a client. Marla brainstorms with the client on strategies and skills (from networking to resume writing, to interviewing) and supports the client through the process of obtaining their desired job. 

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Group Coaching

Online group coaching affords clients the opportunity to interact with others who are focusing on similar topics and areas of their lives. Groups are facitliated by Marla but the agenda is dictated by the clients' needs and desires. Supporting and being accountable to others are terrific motivators when accomplishing goals.

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Additional Resources

Check out the latest publications on topics ranging from enhancing productivity in the workplace and at school, understanding ADHD, to surviving the first year of college-that includes parents tooI

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ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

ADHD/Executive Function Coaching employs the same coaching process as life coaching but also offeres and incorporates an understanding of the ADHD brain which is crucial when developing personalized strategies and providing support. 

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Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Program

 As  a PQ Coach and member of the Positive Intelligence program, I am able to share a 7-week program offered by the CEO and Founder, Shirzad Chamine and available in an app format. In conjunction, I provide weekly small group Zoom support or it can be integrated in my one-to-one personalized coaching.  ©2022 Positive Intelligence, LLC

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Free Academic and Career Toolboxes

Here you'll find hundreds of apps, sites, and tips to enhance your everyday academic or work life. Technology has it's benefits and if it becomes a distraction, there are tips on how to handle that too!

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Marla, I want to let you know that I finished three out of four classes this summer with an A or A- and, hopefully, my fourth will be at that level when it ends in a few weeks. I definitely couldn't have done that without your help these past 2 semesters.
Danielle, college student


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